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Shark attack is an adventure game developed by Media Contact LLC
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Shark attack is an adventure game developed by Media Contact LLC.
This is another free game published by GameTop.
In this time, your adventure will begin after knowing that your grandfather left you a strange and old coffer. At the beginning of the game, you will see an explanation about an ancient pirate treasure, which had an unique artefact, a relic that was in the family of Kenny, your character, for a long time and crowned with the magical crystal of destiny.

The crystal brought good fortune to its owner and no mercy for the owner´s enemies. But some pirates stole from Kenny´s grandfather and died one by one, they broke into pieces the object and threw the pieces in different seas. You have only one, and that one of was inside of the coffer, you must travel around all the seas to find the pieces that are missing. you will have an adventure under the sea, with strange creatures and a lot of mystery and danger.

You will control Kenny´s movement by the keyboard or more easier the mouse, but in some times you will use both.

Graphics and sound
The scenarios are incredible and the graphics are very well done. The sound effects are very good and the music is very nice.

To sum up, this is a nice game, for the whole family.

María Noel Balla
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